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DFEI Teaching Business Ethics Workshop

We are writing to invite you to the 2022 Teaching Business Ethics Workshop, sponsored by the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative at New Mexico State University and the University of Denver. This year's workshop will be held at the Drury Plaza Hotel in Santa Fe, NM.

The workshop will start with registration at 12:00 pm on Friday, November 11 th and conclude on Saturday, November 12 th at 12:00 pm. This year's workshop will focus on the Daniels Fund Principles of Accountability and Rule of Law as it affects how we teach business ethics in our classes. This year we are inviting BOTH faculty and students with the intent to have simultaneous workshops where students can have input regarding what we are doing well, what we need to improve, and what they need to know regarding ethics in business. Our end goal is to have a tangible exercise/document to be used in the classroom for multiple disciples.

Below is a flyer for the event: