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NMSU MBA team’s stock report earns publication on ‘Seeking Alpha’

Three graduate students with New Mexico State University’s stock analysis team in the College of Business recently unlocked a significant achievement by being accepted for publication on financial commentary and analysis website SeekingAlpha.com.  
“This recognition highlights the university’s commitment to excellence in finance education and showcases the caliber of its students,” said Hashem Aliedeh, a graduate assistant and member of the NMSU Stock Analysis Team. “I am extremely proud of the depth and insight of our analysis and hope it provides value to readers and investors.”  
The team, which includes Aliedeh and fellow Master of Business Administration students Bailey Perkins and Betsy Banks, presented the report during the regional CFA Institute Research Challenge in March.  
"The CFA Institute Research Challenge is a competition among finance students at top colleges and universities,” said Kenneth Martin, head of the colleges Department of Finance. “This year's team from NMSU tackled an analysis of OfferPad Solutions. The team performed a rigorous analysis of the company including a thorough valuation analysis. This was a difficult company to analyze, and the team did a great job."  
Seeking Alpha has more than 20 million readers each month, including investors and professionals seeking expert opinions and insights into market trends and investment strategies.  
With its rigorous editorial standards and extensive readership, Aliedeh said being accepted for publication on Seeking Alpha is a remarkable accomplishment for NMSU's stock analysis team and a testament to the quality of their work.  
The team adds this accomplishment serves as a testament to the university's commitment to producing finance professionals who can provide unique insights and perspectives.  
You can read the article here.