What does Daniels Fund mean to our students?

In light of the heightened focus on business ethics and the invaluable contributions of Daniels Fund, our DFEI program has been privileged to amass an abundance of feedback from our esteemed student body. We hold in deep regard the profound influence we've been able to spread to our students, witnessing them integrate the principles created by Bill Daniels into their collegiate journeys. This integration is apparent through their active engagement in a variety of activities, including participation in Daniels Fund events hosted on campus, collaborative involvement in our Case Competition teams, and etiquette shown in and outside of the classroom. Drawing insights from both our alumni and current students, we sought to gauge the transformative effects of the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative Collegiate Program at NMSU. The ensuing statements encapsulate the echo of our impact.


Marco Fernandez (Alum) - “Very rarely do you encounter an organization that encompasses everything involved in ethical behavior. Where an organization's goal is the deliverance of ethics-based education. That is the Daniels Fund. The Daniels Fund is built on ethical principles and philosophies that enhance your character and judgment to make ethical decision-making an everyday part of life. The Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative provides opportunities for many, including myself. My biggest takeaway from the program is the eight core principles. I think of the eight core principles in daily life because I want to make sure I'm living my life being the best possible version of myself. The principles highlighted through the Daniels Fund not only relate to the business world but to the many facets of life. The knowledge I have gained is something I will carry for the rest of my life.”

Michelle Bustillos (Alum) - “Life doesn’t come with a map to navigate it to the fullest. That map is created by two things in life: One being the things you experience personally, and the second being the advice other people give you on their experiences. Participating with the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative has enhanced my ability to create my own life map. Hearing speakers talk about their life experiences dealing with ethical problems has left me with a lasting impression. A smart person learns from his experiences, a wise person learns from other people’s experiences.”

Yanin Sanchez (Alum/Case Competition) - “Serving as the graduate assistant for the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative Collegiate program at NMSU, has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I’ve had the opportunity to witness the impact that ethics education has made on all of the students that attended one of our guest speakers or our workshops. I’ve seen that the more exposure we give to the topic, the easier it has become for students to talk about the subject and teach others about ethics.”

Lexi Carlo (Current Student) - “Daniels Fund has given me new opportunities as well as strengthened my understanding of ethics and what they mean in business…we, the students, are the future leaders for business practices. Daniels Funds has allowed us to practice ethical situations now so that we can apply them in our future roles.”

Alexis Delgado (Alum/Current Student/Case Competition) - “Without Daniels Fund I’m not sure I would have finished college, let alone begin my masters degree. This program has given me such a large opportunity that I would not have been able to find anywhere else. I have had the great privilege of competing in two case competitions, and working hands on as a leader in our Ethics Boot Camp. Both of which have shown my true strengths and grow my greatest weaknesses. Just this year I've been granted the opportunity to work as a graduate assistant for the DFEI collegiate program. I work under Director Blaugrund for whom I cannot thank enough, as she has been my mentor, role model, and biggest support throughout my academic career, and for that I am eternally grateful. Being able to witness and personally experience the great impact that ethics has had on our student population that has participated in our ethics based activities has been so rewarding. I hope for as long as I am at NMSU and the many years to follow, we can continue ethics education and awareness.”

Ana Nevarez (Alum) - “Daniels Fund has really impacted me by becoming a leader at NMSU’s Ethics Bootcamp. Getting to teach the Daniels Fund Principles to college and high school students has been a very rewarding experience. From getting to connect with these students, to interacting with the other leaders to make it possible.”

Emmy Martinez (Current Student) - “Daniels Fund has allowed me to step into the role as a leader where I’ve learned first-hand, the importance of trust and how fostering it in my group/community has allowed me to grow and make lifelong connection”