PGA Internships

Contact: Josh Salmon

Forms. Instructions and submission information are on the forms (Word documents). If you have questions or need more information call us at 575.646.2174 or email: Josh Salmon, Henry Stetina, Jana Knight, or Pat Gavin.

Student Forms (Updated January 1, 2023)


Criteria. Our primary goals are to graduate students and place qualified professionals into the golf market with the skills necessary to achieve advanced acceleration in the golf industry. The PGA Golf Management Program coordinates internships, which provide valuable hands-on learning experiences and are critical toward achieving our goals. Internships allow students the opportunities to travel, network in the golf industry, develop their resumés, and gain the skills to succeed in golf management. Our students complete different types of internships, totaling 16 months of full-time work.

Our students are required to comply with the criteria and guidelines that have been established for the development and operation of the PGA Golf Management Program. Certain standards have been developed by NMSU and the PGA of America for this Program:

  • Internships must follow the eligible employment guidelines outlined in the PGA Constitution.
  • Before student placement, there must be an agreement stipulating the specific intern work experiences anticipated for each student. This educational agreement must be validated in writing by the host professional, the NMSU Internship Coordinator, and the student, prior to student placement.
  • The student is encouraged to work in at least three types of internship settings before graduation.
  • Students must complete a minimum of 16 months of full-time internships prior to completion of the Program.
  • NMSU will conduct an evaluation of each internship site prior to placement of students.
  • NMSU requires each host on-site Supervisor/PGA Professional to complete a detailed evaluation of each student’s performance during the placement.


  • NMSU requires that each student complete a detailed evaluation of the internship site by the end of the internship.
  • NMSU will conduct a meeting with the student to compare evaluations and take necessary remedial action to resolve any performance problems.
  • Negative site evaluations by students must be investigated prior to future placements.
  • Student records must contain both the host professional’s evaluation of student and the student’s evaluation of site.
  • NMSU will not place an internship student who is not in good standing.
  • All students shall complete a post-internship interview on campus with the Internship Coordinator after each individual internship has been completed.