Finance Challenge Exams

Credit by Examination

In accordance with University policy, any enrolled student with a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 currently attending classes may challenge FIN 341 by examination.

Students not currently enrolled in FIN 341 may apply to take the examination by obtaining the necessary paperwork from the Office of the Registrar and paying the fee (which is the same as the approved tuition rate).

To receive credit by examination for FIN 341 a score of 70% correct must be earned on the exam and will be recorded on the student’s transcript as CR.


Challenge Exam Procedures

Challenge exams must be scheduled in advance with the Finance Department and must be taken in the Department offices or other agreed upon proctored setting. The exam may be taken only one time. A topic list for the exam (with a breakdown on the number of questions on each topic) and a set of formula sheets that can be used during the exam are provided below. During the exam, students may also use any calculator on the department’s Permitted Calculators list. 

FIN Challenge Exam Topics and Breakdown: May 2012

FIN Challenge Exam Formula Sheet: August 2011 may be used during exam


Establishing Transfer Credit

Any undergraduate student who has completed a Finance course at other institutions (that do not have an AACSB accreditation) and who is seeking transfer credit to satisfy FIN 341 will be allowed to take the challenge exam to prove achievement of Finance 341 learning objectives.

Under these circumstances, there is no fee, and the exam may be scheduled by contacting the Finance Department.

To establish transfer credit to satisfy FIN 341, a score of 70% correct must be earned on the exam but the transfer credit will be denoted on the student’s transcript as CR.


Satisfying MBA Background Knowledge Requirements

The College allows students who have been admitted to the Graduate School and applied for admission to the MBA program to satisfy background knowledge requirements by taking challenge exams. The Finance Department allows such students to take the FIN 341 challenge exams with no fee.

To satisfy MBA background knowledge requirements in financial analysis, a score of 80% correct must be earned on the exam. In such cases, there will be no notation made on the student’s official transcript; however, a memo will be placed in the student’s MBA office file to indicate that the financial analysis background knowledge requirement has been satisfied.