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Internships & Co-Ops

The Internship is an opportunity for you to gain firsthand experience designing, developing and supporting the applications and projects that give businesses their competitive edge.

Student Benefits

As a student, you will have the opportunity to tackle real-world problems while earning credits towards your degree. You will receive parallel course work over the internship period encouraging you to reflect on your experience. On-going mentoring and support will be provided throughout your internship.

The internship provides the opportunity to:

  • Get paid for working during the summer
  • Work on site at an approved institution's location
  • Earn course credit during the experience
  • Become part of a cohort that work and learn together

How to participate (Students)


Employers Benefits

As an employers, you will receive the benefit of working with our best students and establish relationships to bring talent into your organization.

How to participate (Recruiters/Employers)