State Data Center (SDC)

The State Data Center is a depository for data provided by the U.S. Bureau of the Census. It is part of a distributional network established at the time of the 1980 decennial Census and designed to improve public access to census statistical products. The Center responds to data requests from state and local government agencies, planners, researchers, business people, representatives of not-for-profit organizations and the general public.

In New Mexico, the lead and coordinating agencies for the program are the New Mexico Economic Development Department, Databank at UNM’s Bureau of Business & Economic Research, and the NMSU Library. There are also a number of affiliated centers around the state.

Other helpful data sources are the U.S. Census Bureau, New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions (former NM Dept of Labor), and the New Mexico Department of Taxation and Revenue.

Data Type and Availability. Data are available from sources including the decennial Census of Population and Housing, the Economic Census, the Bureau of Economic Analysis (U.S. Department of Commerce), the Bureau of Labor Statistics (U.S. Department of Labor), the New Mexico Department of Labor and the New Mexico Department of Taxation and Revenue.

  • Examples of population data available are age, sex, ethnicity, education, marital and family status and income.
  • Housing data include age of structure, homeowner and renter characteristics, fuel, plumbing and equipment characteristics.
  • Business data reflect employment and earnings by sector as well as gross receipts by sector.