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Gifts that Make a Difference

Aggie alumni and friends continue to support our future business leaders by giving back to the College of Business. For more ways to make an impact or give to a scholarship, please contact  Denise Tafoya .

Secure charitable contributions can also be made at  NMSU Foundations webpage.




Lori Gobble (’89), Controller, NMSU: Monthly Giving. Lori contributes through payroll deduction to the accounting department’s highest funding priority — to establish the first NMSU endowed chair in accounting.

I feel privileged to be working here at NMSU, my alma mater. The Accounting Department faculty are among the best, and have made positive impacts in the lives of many students. When I found out about the need for an endowed accounting chair and the opportunity to help build it, I jumped at the chance. Regular giving, through payroll deduction, is an efficient way to contribute to this worthy cause.


My career has taken many unexpected turns since graduating from NMSU, not the least of which is the globalization of companies in many industries and at many sizes. In choosing how I wanted to support New Mexico State, I wanted to provide a student the opportunity to view the globalization of trade first hand.

Margaret Hardin
Margaret Hardin (’94), Chief Operating Officer Munchkin Inc., Establishes New Scholarship Endowment.
The Stephen Hardin Endowed International Travel Scholarship in memory of Margaret’s father will be used to support undergraduate or graduate students with an international business travel/study abroad experience.


I had the privilege of earning my business degree at NMSU on a football scholarship offered to me by Coach Jim Bradley back in the 70’s. I was so grateful for that opportunity; it became a long-term goal of mine to pay back my scholarship. Through Annual Giving, I have been able to pay it back and then some, allowing me to help current and future students fulfill their dream of earning a degree from the NMSU College of Business.

John Cordova
John Cordova (’83), Director, Sports Transaction Management, The Coca-Cola Company: Annual Giving.
Shortly after graduating, John began making an annual contribution in support of his alma mater.


When I got out into the real world I felt very well prepared, even when compared to graduates from “better known, more prestigious” and more expensive schools. I received great value from NMSU and the College of Business. In fact, I got so much more value than what I was asked to pay for.

Brett Winward
Brett Winward (’04), Commercial Receivables Supervisor, ConocoPhillips: Young Alumni Giving.
Brett began giving to the College of Business almost immediately after he graduated.



Scholarships are an incredible aid in my journey to earn a baccalaureate degree in four years. Without scholarships, I would have to work many more hours and it would also place more financial pressure on my parents. I know that everyone who applies for the scholarships are incredibly talented so this motivates me to continue to work hard toward achieving my educational goals.

Matthew Ogaz
Matthew Ogaz: Accounting Major

There is a sense of both pride and responsibility which serves as a great motivator to achieve my academic and personal goals. The best way to express the immense gratitude felt toward all donors is to set challenging goals and to work harder than ever in order to accomplish those goals.

Trevor Serrao
Trevor Serrao: Economics Major.