Ambassador Programs

We attend the Leadership Training for College of Business Ambassadors (BA 305) course during the term of our Ambassadorship.

Visiting mentors speak to us about their experiences with leadership, careers, and ethics. The 1-hour class meets once a week and focuses on leadership, ethics, protocol, etiquette manners, etc. We also prepare for upcoming events for the College of Business and NMSU.

We help our College in a variety of ways and venues:

  • Conduct tours for visitors to the College.
  • Present business academic programs.
  • Communicate with high school students and other potential students about the College and NMSU by email and phone.
    • Visit New Mexico and El Paso, TX, high schools.
    • Attend high school conferences and state conventions
    • Serve as a knowledgeable resource for business students.
    • Display College information at student recruitment and orientation events both on- and off-campus.
  • Organize retention-oriented workshops for business students.
  • Communicate with alumni and potential/current donors by phone and email.
  • Interact with members of the College’s Business Advisory Council.
  • Facilitate the College’s special events, such as the Business Advisory Council meetings, Hall of Fame, and Thank-a-Thon.
  • Accomplish other appropriate tasks as assigned by the dean, associate deans, development coordinator, and other program sponsors or program advisors.