MBA Advising

Scheduling Classes

Meet with or call the MBA advisor soon after you are admitted to the program.

The advisor will help you determine the course sequencing plan to achieve your desired graduation date. This plan can be updated as needed.

The twelve required courses for the traditional MBA are offered on the main campus in the evening (6:00-8:30 pm) one night per week (with courses scheduled Monday through Thursday) or, at times, in an online delivery format.

Concentration courses may be offered at other times.


To plan your course of study use the MBA Course Sequences:

Concentration courses are not offered every semester and may be offered during working hours. If you intend to complete a specialization, please meet with the department head of the department offering the specialization to plan your course of study.






Detailed instructions are at NMSU’s Course Schedules webpage: Note especially the Student Registration Guide.

If there is a “hold” which prevents you from registering it may be an “academic hold” that requires you to meet with an advisor first, or a “financial hold” requiring a payment to the university. If your tuition is being paid to NMSU by an employer, we will assist you but will need written confirmation from you concerning the courses for which you want to register.

Degree Audit

STAR Degree Audit

This software allows you to check your courses against those required for graduation and see which remain to be completed.

The STAR audit is currently being used by Graduate Student Services to certify degrees so it is in your interest to ensure that the information in the audit is correct.

If you have a question about the audit, contact the MBA office.


How to Run a STAR Degree Audit
  1. Log on at
  2. Log in using your user name and password for MyNMSU.
  3. You will be prompted to select a:
    • Campus: Las Cruces
    • College: Graduate
    • Degree program: MBA, and a
    • Catalog year.
    • If you are completing a specialization, select the MBA program with the relevant specialization.


Graduation Requirements

Grade Point Average

In addition to completing the required courses, you must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher to earn a graduate degree at NMSU.

Courses with grades of C or better are counted as successful completion but lower grades are not.

A C in a course only prevents your graduation if you do not have other grades high enough to achieve an average of 3.0.


Application for Degree and Commencement

Run your STAR Audit to verify that you have completed requirements or will complete them with your current registration.

At the beginning of the semester you plan to graduate, apply for your degree and pay the application fee.