MBA Handbook, Program Administration, and Contacts

The MBA Program is overseen by the MBA Committee in the College of Business in conjunction with the Department Heads and Associate Dean-Academics. The MBA Committee consists of a faculty member from each academic department in the college, the associate dean (ex-officio), and the MBA Advisor (ex-officio), as well as an elected MBA graduate student.

Student Handbook:
MBA Handbook Updated May 19, 2022

Student Advisor:
Cecelia Carrasco. 575.646.8003, Business Complex, Room 233,

Program Administrators:

Bryan Ashenbaum (Dean). 
Daniel James (Associate Dean-Academics). 575.646.5314
Yu-Feng (Winnie) Lee (Dept Head; Econ, A STAT & Int’l Business). 575.646.4662
Paula Fuchs (Interim Dept Head, Finance). 575.646.1597
Carlo Mora (Dept Head, Management). 575.646.1201
David Daniel (Dept Head, Marketing). 575-646-6226

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