PGA Golf Management Admissions

Admissions Criteria


Minimum PGA Criteria

We will first accept students who meet NMSU’s PGA Golf Management Program criteria.

We then look at the PGA’s minimum criteria to reach the 300-student maximum.

The PGA’s minimum criteria for admission into any university program are that the university sets the minimum grade point average (GPA) entrance requirement, and the golf handicap is 12 or lower. PGA minimum criteria are:

  • Minimum U.S. Golf Association (USGA) handicap of 12 or lower, to enter and remain in the Program.
  • Handicap documentation, which can be supplied by one of the following methods:
    • A copy of a handicap card.
    • Letter from a PGA Golf Professional or Golf Coach.
    • Complete a Golf Score Verification Form.
    • Successfully pass the Playing Ability Test (PAT).
  • Minimum grade point average (GPA):
    • Incoming students: 2.75 GPA and 12 handicap.
    • Current students: 2.0 GPA to remain in good standing.


NMSU’s PGA Golf Management Program welcomes international students into the Program. When you fulfill all requirements, you receive the PGA Golf Management designation and can become a PGA of America Member.

NMSU PGA Management Program Criteria

Enrollment in the Program is limited to 300 students. The number of openings each semester depends directly on how many students have graduated.

Due to the success of and demand for our program, NMSU has implemented a more stringent process which equally weighs all applicants’ GPAs and golf handicaps. Again, the number of openings still depends on the number of previous graduates.

Again, because of the limited number of positions available, we will first accept students who meet the NMSU PGA Golf Management criteria. We will then use the minimum PGA criteria to reach the maximum 300-student limit.

If you do not meet NMSU’s current program requirements, but you do meet the university requirements, it is recommended that you attend NMSU as a Pre-Business major. After the first semester, if you have passed at least 9 credits with a GPA of 2.75 or higher and you have a golf handicap of 12, you would be accepted into the NMSU PGA Golf Management Program for the upcoming semester.

Aggie Pathway

Students who do not meet the GPA requirements of NMSU can apply to the Aggie Pathway ( The Aggie Pathway allows students to start at the Dona Ana Community College while starting the PGA Golf Management Program.