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MBA Optional Concentrations

A concentration is a collection of coursework in a specific area that is part of a degree program. Concentrations are created with the approval of the Graduate School and appear on the student’s transcript.

How to declare an MBA Concentration:

If you are considering or are committed to a concentration with your MBA degree you are requested to declare this as soon as possible.

This will be mutually beneficial because it will activate the following:

  • We are able to code your student record in Banner to reflect the concentration and you will be referred to the department for the planning of your concentration courses which may have prerequisites.
  • The coding in Banner is especially important as this will ensure that your concentration is declared and included as part of your student transcript.
  • Advance planning of scheduling concentration courses is essential because required courses may be offered only once a year.
  • Not all required concentration courses are offered in the evening.

Concentrations in the MBA program are optional and are offered in: