About Daniels Fund Ethics Consortium

New Mexico State University’s College of Business is proud to be part of the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative (DFEI).

The DFEI is a partnership with eight business schools at colleges and universities in Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming. The initiative drives the strengthening of principle-based ethics throughout these business schools, instilling a high standard of ethics in our young people.
The DFEI reflects Bill Daniels’ values and goals. Its primary objective is the active engagement of students in principle-based ethics. Instruction is related to the real world, applicable to business, and relevant to the changing global environment. Other objectives include involvement of the business community as well as outreach to other educational institutions and non-business disciplines on campus.
We also promote principle-based ethics to future business faculty by increasing instruction to our Ph.D. students on the importance of and methods to incorporate ethics coverage into business courses. As our Ph.D. programs train future business faculty, we encourage our Ph.D. students to take this knowledge with them to the universities where they will teach.
To further advance teaching of business ethics, NMSU hosts an ongoing series of joint conferences with the University of New Mexico for faculty from all New Mexico colleges and universities.

January 19, 2010

The Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative provided a grant to create a consortium of eight university business schools spanning the inter-mountain west.

The consortium collaborates to develop curriculum materials and programs aimed at instilling a high standard of ethics in business school students.

Its primary objectives are student learning of universal ethical principles embedded in a business context, and involvement in the business community to promote student interaction with business leaders and application of principle-based ethics in organizations.

The consortium also is involved in outreach to non-business disciplines on campus, other educational institutions, and the community.

Linda Childears (President and CEO, Daniels Fund) hosted the 2010 grant presentation in Colorado (videos):