Western States School of Banking (WSSB)

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The COB/WSSB affiliation increases collaboration between NMSU and the regional banking industry, resulting in new opportunities for students and faculty.

WSSB Programs

The WSSB offers a unique, 2-year banking program. Students are usually professionals working in the banking industry.   Applicants are generally expected to have at least one year of experience in banking or equivalent work, or have completed one year of university courses, or have completed a substantial number of American Institute of Banking courses.

Two 8-day sessions are held at NMSU in June of two consecutive years. Studies cover current banking practices and all aspects of bank management step-by-step, from profitability to human resources. In-class sessions are supplemented with three correspondence problems that students work on during the year between the two classroom sessions. Each correspondence problem requires about 30 hours to complete.

In addition to the diploma program, the WSSB offers a commercial credit certificate program which requires completion of five 2-day courses (75 hours of classroom instruction)

The WSSB programs are independent of NMSU’s academic programs.

Students of the WSSB are not awarded academic credit at NMSU.

Background. The Western States School of Banking is a non-profit corporation which provides educational development opportunities to banking professionals. In 2006, the WSSB and NMSU’s College of Business entered into a joint agreement to affiliate the WSSB programs with the college. In June of 2007, the WSSB held its first sessions at NMSU.

The WSSB is supported by the Independent Bankers of Colorado, the Independent Community Bankers Association of New Mexico, the New Mexico Bankers Association, and the Western States Director Education Foundation.